Monday, 14 February 2011


Late last night I came back home from a refreshing trip to warmer fields. Jumped into the cab from the airport and did not feel the outside temperatures. However, back at my apartment building, I could not help noticing that the port opener (where you push some buttons) did not work. Well, I used the key and thought no more about it.

After a good night's sleep I stepped out onto the balcony this morning around 8AM, in my pyjamas, to taste the fresh air of Hammarby Sound again, so sorely missed during my absence. The air was a delight to breeze and the view of the sound no less delicate. A light mist threw a veil over the view, rendering the buildings and boats opposite my balcony in precious pastel colors. I was back home in my little cosy paradise!

The big surprise came when I went out to get a bite to eat and buy some newspapers. When trying to enter the press office, my glove FROZE SOLID TO THE OUTSIDE DOOR HANDLE. I had to rip it off and will have to buy new gloves. Now it dawned on me that it was REALLY FREEZING COLD. In my excitement for being back home, I had not noticed a difference in temperatures of more than fourty degrees (Celsius) between the Canaries and my home. Extraordinary, isn't it?


Ariane said...

That cold!! Funny the glove ripping experience.

Lena from Sweden said...

Wellcome back Emil!

I know the feeling of returning from a completely different environment and climate, as if you are still in the Canaries for a while, but not for so long! The reality of Stockholm dawns on you, sooner or later. Try to dream yourself back to the island, as well as try to enjoy the snow, to make the best of it! Do you have cross-country skis? I skied yesterday, and it was great in the sun against the light snow.

Your old friend, Lena

kari_lantto said...

Yes, it is cold, 41 centigrades below zero in Naimakka last night, 16 where I live in Maelardalen. It was better a while, but brrrrr is back.

Wilfried said...

Dear Emil,
feel and enjoy the difference in climate and surroundings, BG Wilfried

Emil Ems said...

Dear Ariane, Lena, Kari and Wilfried,

I am pleased that you found this blog post interesting. Your comments are very welcome and I will try to keep up the good work with a new post at least once a month throughout the year.

Lena, I can feel the thrill of putting on skis, reading about your comment. Unfortunately, I don't have any myself at the moment. Will have to think about buying some next autumn. I had planned a cross-country skiing trip up North, but found the Canaries more enticing this time.

Eva Michaelsson said...

Hej Emil!
Tack för att jag fått ta del av dina vackra bilder och dina bloggkommentarer! Du skriver så trevligt och inspirerande om de platser du besökt! Roligt också att se det perspektiv som du har genom ditt fönster. Jag ser ju något liknande men åt andra hållet med Folksamhuset och Skanstullsbron i bakgrunden.

Skicka mig gärna framtida bloggkapitel, rolig läsning för mig!
Trevlig söndag önskar Eva