Tuesday, 21 June 2011


In case you didn't know, today is the big day of the year, highly venerated since ancient times. In stone temples of yore, like Stonehenge and Ales Stenar (the Swedish counterpart; "Yes!", we have them here too) the very minute of the solstice was being carefully registered and ancient rites, long since forgotten, executed by high priests of venerable faith. Today, there would have been big disappointment in the crowd awaiting the event, if the monuments had been kept standing unaffected by the ages and the druids of yore still practicing. 

No sun is visible from my balcony as I am writing this. Instead, a terrible and sudden thunderstorm spoiled the magic of this yearly summer festivity, complete with flashes, thunder and even hailing. It is as if the weather gods did not agree with the way Europe is managing its affairs at the moment. European Council, "Beware!", best you get your house in order!

The sun is back! There is still hope for the druids, if not for European Affairs!


Per Magnus Wijkman said...

Down here by Ale's stenar, our pagan gods have arranged beutiful summer weather for us. The reason for the Blixt und Donner in Stockholm is not to punish EU politicians for the wretched mess they are making of the Euro - Sweden after all is not a party to that! No, it is to punish the Stockholm Parliamentarians for having moved Midsummer Day from the Solstice itself to the nearest Saturday. Don't mess with Nature, MPs!


kari_lantto said...

Hear, hear, Thor was complaining in Hallstahammar too.

Lars Werin said...

My wife and I were on a walking holiday in South England, not so very far from Stonehenge. All Midsummer Day we were wrapped in mist, probably the result of some trick by Puck, the nearly divine rascal (cf. Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream).