Saturday, 25 July 2015


Hammarby Sound at 5.30 am

Another fine morning over Hammarby Sound! This time a bit later than in the preceding post, since the sun is already shining and welcoming. The more welcoming since we are in the middle of a period of intermittent cloudiness and drizzle. It seems like the world has been born anew, so fresh is the air and so quietly inviting the sky, with clouds thawing away in the morning sunlight.

Whilst enjoying the view – a bit like savoring a glass of rare sparkling wine – it occurs to me that the precise word "Sparkle" comes in very handy for summarizing the overall experience!

Hammarby Sound towards Skanstull Lock

As humans we are inclined to love sparkling experiences, be it in the form of a morning view from our balcony or savoring glitter in fellow humans. I have to confess that I share the latter inclination – morosely disposed as I am –, always longing to interact with personalities of a harmonious disposition, with an engaging smile and with eyes glittering.

You tend to notice and appreciate such people foremost when they are young and of the opposite sex (if your leaning is mainstream). There is of course a reason to it. Youth in general has an optimistic view of life, and is therefore more geared towards showing an expecting smile and inviting eyes. Moreover, your eyes tend to be colored by your instincts, which greatly enhance your perception of enticing characteristics in the smiling youngster.

But there is more to it than youth and sex, let me assure you! A small minority of human beings, a few, a happy few, have a harmonious and optimistic disposition ingrained in their being and manage to keep this disposition all their live. If you don't believe me, let me give you an example, the more relevant since the lady in question would have her 100th anniversary this year. I am of course thinking of the famous Swedish actress Sickan Carlsson, who outshined – in sparkle – more morose contemporaries like Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and Zara Leander.

I invite you to have a look at the video below, where she is performing at the mature age of sixty. Please have a glance even if you do not speak Swedish! In fact, you will get the picture better when concentrating on the singer's engaging smile and glittering eyes, disregarding the meaning of the song!

You may respond that Sickan is an actress, and as actress perfectly able to impersonate a shining personality for the time of an act. But there are testimonials from people having met and known her over the years, ensuring us that she was just as positive and shining in private as she was on scene.

Having reached this far in my ramblings, disclosure is in order. It was my supreme fortune to be loved by a woman with the same disposition, my former wife Alice. Like Sickan, she had it ingrained in her being; and her positive and sparkling personality did wonders to this morose blogger.

When I first met her, it was like the sun was rising for me for the very first time. Over the years, I never ceased to bath in the glory of her smile. This is not the time nor place to elaborate this further.  Suffice it to say that Alice kept her persona sunny and sparkling way up into mature age!

My former wife Alice, at her most sunny and sparkling


Eva said...

Lovely to hear about the word "sparkling" in its various senses! I totally agree that Sickan Carlsson was one of those persons whose smile was really "contagious". As for sparkling smiles in general I am also enticed by glittering eyes beaming of happiness!

Hope to see more of the Hammary Sound in sunshine! This fenomenon has been far too rare lately!
Kind regards from Eva

Anonymous said...

Danke für die herrlichen Bilder und Deine wirklich treffenden Betrachtungen. Wie schön Menschen zu treffen, von denen diese positive Ausstrahlung ausgeht; ein fröhliches Lächeln kann so viel bewirken - es ist ansteckend und strahlende Augen sind eine Freude für das Herz. Ich wünsche Dir recht viel 'Sparkle', auch weiterhin.

Liebe Grüße,

Unknown said...

Härligt att få lite dimension på ordet "sparkling". Det gjprde du verkligen bra! Kul att du också kopplar det samman med din fru!
Göran W

Chie said...

Hi Emil,
Thanks for your "sparkling" blog. I enjoyed your writing and the beautiful pictures of the sound and the people you love. I wholeheartedly agree that the age only adds deeper shine and more profound varnish to the youthful and positive lacquer of true personality. I think you have that one, too.

The Censor said...

What a lovely tribute to your late wife. I would never guess that yo consider yourself morose by nature, Emil! We have always experienced you as energetic and upbeat- always looking for the beauty in everything around you. Well, Alice must have been pretty darned special. A real gem to sparkle so for you.

Heather said...

Hello Emil, indeed a lovely tribute to Alice.

Anonymous said...

Du är en oförbätterlig romantiker. Så var också sadelmakaren på vår gata, Karlsviksgatan på Kungsholmen. Han reparerade portföljer och seldon allt under en jättelik affisch av Sickan Carlsson. Året kan ha varit 1964.

Möjligen kunde jag önska mig att Dina vykort från Hammarby sjö (ej sund) någon gång kunde inrymma reflektioner över tidens problem. Den ljuva sommarmorgonshimmel som Du porträtterar är oss nordbor oförtjänt förunnad när temperaturen i Indien når 50 grader C.

Egendomligt nog har vi i Sverige och på Sandhamn haft en kall sommar trots att det är det varmaste året sedan 1880.

Varma hälsningar,
Richard Murray

Harri Tapio Kaunisto said...

Hi Emil.
I send Grandmams foto to mother Marita. She is on bed now. Thks.😏