Sunday, 26 February 2012


In several decades of – more or less – organized working life I acquired the habit of getting out of bed at 7 AM. Up here in the North, this goes against the natural flow of life most of the year. In wintertime you have to force yourself up despite a depressing dark and in summertime the sun is far ahead of you and already blazing when you stumble out of bed after a sleepless night. 

But, twice a year, nature is accommodating your wish of a natural day circle. This happy state of nature starts at end of February and lasts about a month ahead. In autumn, October is the beneficial month. This is the time when the rising sun is tickling your house at the appropriate time to rise and there is no need for a wake-up call from your mobile phone (or your wife). 

Take a look at the title picture: isn't it nice to be welcomed by such a rosy view precisely when you are supposed to get out of bed and prepare your morning coffee?

This may sound trivial to you, but fact is, that the mind works at its best in those two beneficial months, when nature is leading you on to a new day. This is the time to start writing your memoirs, or polish the proof of a theorem you have been pondering all winter but unable to come to grips with. As a young student I was well aware of this effect and concentrated my learning efforts to those precious few months of the year. 

Even if much older now, I am feeling the urge again to learn something new. Time to open Adobe's "Classroom in a Book" again and start practicing a new program, called DREAMWEAVER. This will, I hope, enable me to put up a website on Internet, by speaking the obscure languages of the HMTL, the CSS, the JAVASCRIPT, the XML, the PHP, as well as an abundance of other new concepts. We will see where this leads and I will keep you posted! 


Lena from Sweden said...

Dear "boss",

it was wonderful to read about the way you recognize the special light that has returned to Stockholm all of a sudden. I have noticed it too, with great anticipation. Suddenly it's light getting out from work after 5 p.m., offering new options, or rather, foreboding a new kind of life when the darkness lies behind us. Isn't this a very human reaction? It sounds encouraging how you will learn something new, again. I feel the same, always looking for new insights. Yes, please keep us posted on your progress.

Lars Werin said...

Dear Emil
As always I have liked very much to read about your views from the kitchen window. I have been there myself and can testify to what you are saying, although I had a glimpse of the panorama in the middle of September only. You say that March is a particularly inspiring and productive time. Perhaps it is, and in that case in contrast to April, which is the cruelest month according to T.S. Eliot. You say it’s a good time for writing your memoirs — but I wrote mine already some years ago. Intended for my family only, but in fact you are mentioned in them, in very positive terms needless to say.
Please go on in the same style.

Lars Jonung said...


Härligt brev o bild.

Hälsar Lars

Eva said...

Dear Emil,
I totally agree with you about getting in good spirits in the morning when welcomed by the beautiful scenery outside our windows. From my balcony, which is in the north-west, enjoy watching the sun set in the late afternoon - evning. This also offers some marvellous moments when the sky is painted red above the bridges in the west!
Best regards

Emil Ems said...

Dear commentators - and friends!
I am delighted that we all five see eye to eye about the valor of the tickling sun. Although some of us have already left the hubbub of a busy working career behind us, old habits die hard!