Monday, 9 July 2012


Summer weather in Stockholm used to abide by strict and never changing rules. In the first week of July, all the factories were closed, as were most restaurants and other services, and people prepared themselves for three weeks' holiday. Cars were cleaned, tents repaired, coffers packed and barbecue equipment brushed up. On first Holiday Monday, the rain would start and stay with the hardy Swedes throughout the three weeks. That notwithstanding, people insisted on having a good time and nobody complained. They knew that the sun would reappear from behind the clouds eventually, and render the working weeks in August and September more enjoyable.

These times of collective enjoyment are long gone. Nowadays, the holiday season is spread out over three months and people choose their three or four weeks within that period whenever it suits them. But the rain seems to remember those good old days and is persevering with its July exercises year after year.

This is why I was looking forward to a visit from Austria last week with some forebodings: would the Weather Gods use the trodden path once again and greet my unsuspecting visitors with a steady downpour? The weather report did not look promising; rain was foreseen at least every second day. But, unusually, it never realized. Each morning was blessed with heavy clouds or fog, but the sun always prevailed and we had warm and sunny evenings.

Have a look at this morning´s conditions around 3.15 am. Heavy clouds were hanging over Hammarby Sound, allowing barely a glimpse of the early sun. But when I am writing this, at 4 pm, the sun is again enjoying itself, swimming in a blue sky, and tickling my nose where I am sitting in front of my computer.

Lest you think that weather trends are shifting, please be informed that Southern Sweden was drenched in heavy rain yesterday afternoon. There is hope yet for a normal July Season!


Eva said...

Dear Emil,
Thanks a lot for your report! I do hope you will have a lovely summer even if there might be "some" rain. Stockholm is full of pleasant sights that can be watched even on a rainy day, but I agree with you - it is so much nicer if the sun is out!
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Emil, for sending the two fine photos!

I've been lucky enough to visit Stockholm many times over the years. One of my nephews worked in Stockholm when he was a young bachelor, and my husband & I visited him a couple of times. Some years later he married a Swedish lady & we saw them in Helsingborg, together with their daughter.

We also sailed into Stockholm on a Lindblad cruise. It is really beautiful to approach by water!