Monday, 3 December 2012


When looking out from my balcony at 9AM this early morning after First Advent, my nose immediately froze over; winter had arrived with a vengeance. The first ice had already formed on the Sound, foreboding worse to come. Temperatures are lingering around the upper tens (on the minus scale).

Only a couple of days ago, it was still raining and relatively mild in the air. This lenience came to a crushing halt and the last weekend really reminded me of the previous two harsh winters we thought were an exception. Could it be that this year-end will be as demanding as the last one? Where have the mild Stockholm winters gone?

You may have noticed that there have not been any posts lately. I am sorry for that, but I was very occupied this year, first, with getting my book Fiat Lux! from the printer and, second, with letting my friends and the broad public know about its existence. With many presentations, in the US and Austria, as well as in Sweden behind me, I am glad to say that this has been a success. So there is some time yet again to tend to other business before year-end. 

This is all for now, I am afraid, but you may expect another post or two before we slide into New Year. 


Eva said...

Congrulations, Emil, on the gorgeous picture of the Hammary sound seen from your kitchen window! I am glad that you are back on track with this blog post, I enjoy reading it!
Kind regards

Björn said...

Emil, good to hear about your book and the well deserved success!

Good to see you back on the blog!


Ken said...

Good to see you back again. Could do with even 1% of your photographic skills in the new European location in Greenore, Co. Louth, Ireland. Not many people have heard of the place and just one street in the nearby town. But mountains behind, the mouth of the Lough down the road, and Carlingford (the name, according to Wikipedia, coming "from the Old Norse Kerlingfjǫrðr, which means narrow sea-inlet of the hag") a few kms up the Lough.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Emil--So interesting to see something of urban Sweden in winter! I look forward to the enjoyment of your sharp insight and and keen photographic eye as your new blog develops.

Best to you.


Alan McCornick said...

So glad to see you back at blogposting, Emil, and glad, too, to hear the book has done well. I continue to share my copy with friends. It's always much appreciated. Here in Berkeley, we're complaining about the cold weather - 13 degrees Celsius at 10 in the morning. After seeing the ice on Hammarby Sound, I will keep silent now. Regards, from Berkeley.

Anonymous said...

Hej Emil!
Jag tycker mig se att du har fångat en reflex av den dyra solen i ett par fönster längs bort lite over mitten och lite till hoger. Eller?

Emil Ems said...

Dear friends!
I am thankful for all the encouraging words you have put down here in the comments! They stimulate me to continue this blog, and I will put new posts in there as soon as weather conditions lead to new interesting views!

And, Kari, what you are thinking of is the huge sign of Viking Line showing off the company's headquarters in Nacka, close to the harbor, where its boats are anchored.