Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Yes, indeed! This morning I was sleeping late, and rightly so. When I opened the balcony door, icicles polished my nose and huge swaths of snow blowed into the apartment, with the wind howling around the building.

Although I am not complaining about the view from my balcony, there is a drawback: the wrath of the weather gods is reaching me unhindered, getting up to speed across the Sound until it crashes onto my balcony. It has been snowing all night long, apparently, and the balconies opposite mine are getting their load of snow already.

I am not daring to step out into fresh air now, so let's take a quick shot through a side window. The perspective is a bit unusual, but I think you are getting the message. It is snowing massively now, at quarter past 9, and Hammarby Sound is barely visible in the build-up of snowy flakes. By squinting sharply with my eyes, I can just about glimpse the boats on the opposite quay. So let's enhance them a bit in Photoshop, that you can see them a wee bit clearer.

No idea to leave the apartment today, but I am well stocked with sustenance and have plenty of work to do at home. I recently learned how to make fine prints, with the pigment ink technique, out of my digital "negatives" and I am rather pleased with the results. So let us plan for producing some home made Xmas cards this year. I have to finish this blog now so that I can rush to my little "Lightroom" and get on with the good work!


Eva said...

Dear Emil,
I totally agree with you! I have been trying all day to get a glimpse of the Sofia church opposite and of the Skanstull bridge in the other direction, but so far they have been hidden behind the blizzard. This is one of the days when you are really happy to be a pensioner not having to go to work but finding it totally legal to stay indoors!

With a little bit of luck tomorrow we might find a beautiful landscape with huge snow drifts and hopefully some nice sun rays shining upon them!

Kind regards

Hans Christian Cars said...

Dear Emil,
You have gotten it totally wrong. Sweden is better in the summer, Austria in winter.
See you next spring, unless you come this way in the meantime.
Hans Christian

Anonymous said...

Hello Emil
The snow keeps on coming, and gives a lot of excercise. At least it is of the ligth and dry Siberian kind.