Monday 14 February 2011


Late last night I came back home from a refreshing trip to warmer fields. Jumped into the cab from the airport and did not feel the outside temperatures. However, back at my apartment building, I could not help noticing that the port opener (where you push some buttons) did not work. Well, I used the key and thought no more about it.

After a good night's sleep I stepped out onto the balcony this morning around 8AM, in my pyjamas, to taste the fresh air of Hammarby Sound again, so sorely missed during my absence. The air was a delight to breeze and the view of the sound no less delicate. A light mist threw a veil over the view, rendering the buildings and boats opposite my balcony in precious pastel colors. I was back home in my little cosy paradise!

The big surprise came when I went out to get a bite to eat and buy some newspapers. When trying to enter the press office, my glove FROZE SOLID TO THE OUTSIDE DOOR HANDLE. I had to rip it off and will have to buy new gloves. Now it dawned on me that it was REALLY FREEZING COLD. In my excitement for being back home, I had not noticed a difference in temperatures of more than fourty degrees (Celsius) between the Canaries and my home. Extraordinary, isn't it?