Friday 11 November 2011


After two loong cold winters, it seems that this one will be reverting to the long-term trend: generally humid days with intermittent snow or slush, soon to be gone again and replaced by periods of milder weather. November has hitherto been exceptionally warm, foreboding a relatively benign holiday season. With warm days and cool nights, fog is building up at dawn, to be dissolved only later in the day. When I stepped out on the balcony this morning at 11 AM, this enticing scenery met my admiring eyes. As you can see, I did not forget to document a picture for your benefit at the mystical date of 11.11.11. 

The scenery and foggy air reminded me somewhat of Summer mornings in San Francisco and Berkeley, when temperatures were not that much higher in the morning. There too, they could hover around 10 degrees C. Of course, later in the day, they would rise rather harshly towards the twenties and thirties, whereas it was not getting any warmer here in Hammarby Sjöstad today. The fog cleared off eventually and the late afternoon brought with it another nice scenery to admire. The setting sun illuminated, just before 4 PM, the clouds over Hammarby Sound in a kind of cosy Alpenglow that is rare to behold around here.