Sunday 24 December 2023


I am sitting at my kitchen table for a solitary and quiet meal, munching contentedly on a walnut roll, adorned with good Gruyère.

Earlier, on my way to the café to buy te rolls, miracle upon miracle! All the sidewalks on the way were completely cleared of snow, and that on Xmas evening day! A rash and brave support indeed from our public services! As you may have seen on TV yesterday, most recently, blizzards have plagued the Swedish countryside and desperate travelers fought the forces of nature in hard road battles to reach their loved ones in time.

The more pleasure to enjoy this beautiful and cosy morning! As I am looking out the window, at 9 am sharp, the first lazy sunrays barely manage to stroke our church on the hill with a rosy shimmer, whilst the lower echelons are still resting in twilight mauve. It appears, as if providence were beckoning and indicating that the world would heal again after all the troubles it is going through lately. 

Be that as it may; let us forget the travails of the world at least during these holy days, which are starting so rosily, and celebrate this happy occasion as long as it lasts.

From solitary me to all of you