Wednesday 25 May 2011


No nice extemporations on weather conditions today, I am afraid! Instead, I will give it a go as crime reporter.

I did not notice anything special when returning from my daily morning walk around 9.30 AM. Deep in thought as I was, planning for a forthcoming trip to Karelia together with Per Wijkman, an old friend of mine, I just bypassed all the excitement on the quay without even seeing all the activities going on there.

But I woke up abruptly, when opening the balcony door to let in some fresh air. There was noise on the quay, with a huge barge letting its engine idle, which caused the balcony rails to vibrate and annoyed me some. Stepping outside for a closer look, I saw the view you have in front of you. Apparently, a car long sought by the police, had been found submerged just below my kitchen window and was now being recovered by the mobile crane of a barge.

I gather that there is an interesting story behind this event but am, to my regret, unable to provide you with more information than this. We have to leave it to the valiant reporters at "Sjöstadsbladet" (the local newspaper) to report on this in their next edition. Or maybe, if they are generous, they could do us a favour and put some information into this blog, in the form of a comment. What do you say, Sjöstadsbladet, shall we make a trade? You may use my pictures of the event in your paper if you put in a small comment here at the blog, explaining to us what all the excitement was about!