Saturday, 16 August 2014


Looking out of the window this morning, I am greeted by this gray-on-gray scenery. Usually, it would be a cause for depression, but not this morning! Not so long ago, Stockholm was under the curse of sweltering heat, with temperatures approaching 35°(Celsius). Worse still, humidity was at the extreme, with all types of exercise a challenge for us old-timers. 

Fortunately, this demanding trial seems to have passed, and cooler tides are beckoning. Low pressure zones are queueing on the North Atlantic, eager to invade Scandinavia, one after another. But this is still Summer! Even if the mornings may start with black clouds, the days are pleasantly warm, letting the sun break through the clouds intermittently, to keep us in good mood and shape. We are not yet in November, when there may be weeks without the sun. Best to enjoy the warming rays whilst they are with us!