Sunday 4 May 2014


Pink cotton balls in the blue

This morning, I woke up a bit early, as often happens in late spring, when the sun is rising ever earlier. It was around 5 am and I tip-toed out to my balcony on shaky feet. Still half-asleep, without my glasses, just savoring the clear and calm atmosphere of an early Sunday morning. 

Leaning on the balcony rails, my eyes turned downward. To my myopic surprise, I thought to see cosy pink cotton balls playing early games in the deep below. Back inside to fetch the Nikon and document this scene! I was lucky to be without my glasses. Being extremely near-sighted, I just about could make out the fuzzy balls and click on them. With my glasses on, I surely would have examined the structured view of Hammarby Sound in its entirety, and disregarded the romantic color play below my toes. 

What did the sky look like to provide me with such childish pleasures? Well, I went back again inside to fetch my glasses and get a sharp look at the world. To my surprise, I had to stretch my neck upwards considerably, to identify the rosy clouds up there in the sky that caused the color play below my toes. How lucky I was to get them so conveniently placed for my near-sighted appreciation!

Rosy clouds over Hammarby Sound